Director, Multimodal Analytics

Posted on: May 17, 2017


Iowa City, IA

Job Description

Provide leadership and direction in development and implementation of research on multimodal analytics agendas in support of ACTNext’s mission, strategic research partnerships, assessments, programs, and other related research based demands and issues. Ensure research is of high quality, addresses important educational and workplace issues and problems, and results in publications and presentations that further ACT’s reputation as a global research organization with strong evidence to support its public policy positions, programs, and assessments. Establish and maintain research collaborations with ACT leadership and programs, as well as organizations using ACT assessments, and external researchers, policy leaders and partnership groups, and other stakeholders. Contribute to the development and implementation of strategic direction of ACT and the ACTNext, working closely with leadership across the organization and within ACTNext. Produce technical and policy documentation and proposals for review by the ACTNext Technical Advisory Committee and respond to recommendations and concerns. Oversees research publication and review process, as well as information resource center.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide thought leadership to the ACTNext’s Multimodal Analytics Team
  • Provide guidance on the development of algorithms and prototypes (data collection, data fusion, visualization, analytics)
  • Maintain a name and recognition in the field
  • Collaborate with the psychometric team to integrate the methodologies from psychometrics and machine learning
  • Manage staff members in the Multimodal Analytics Team
  • Ensure staff members collaborate across the ACTNext and Research & Test Development Divisions and demonstrate teamwork within ACTNext as well as with staff in other parts of ACT
  • With ACTNext senior leadership, establish a research agenda that crosses departments and areas designed to investigate current issues in education, workforce development, or the workplace
  • Lead or coordinate cross-department teams working in the ACTNext agenda
  • Work collaboratively with ACTNext leadership team to ensure cross-departmental projects are implemented with the highest quality, on time and on budget, and to ensure results are effectively communicated
  • Ensure research staff are productive, responsive, and demonstrate high levels of initiative, collaboration, productivity, and technical skills, with minimal supervision
  • Identify and mentor staff members for increased responsibility
  • Manage research projects and external research collaborations
  • Coordinate with internal departments to ensure work is completed accurately and on time
  • Conduct research on education and workforce development issues related to ACT’s interests, and report results in presentations to professional conferences, policymaker and thought leader audiences, and through ACT’s Research publication series and external publication venues
  • Serve as liaison to other areas and departments at ACT
  • Serve on project committees and other groups; work with other members of these groups to ensure goals are achieved
  • Initiate, develop, manage, and support research partnerships with selected external associations and organizations
  • Advise Research and ACT leadership on policy and survey research issues, opportunities, or problems that could affect ACT’s reputation, position, or programs
  • Sponsor future leadership talent, preparing staff members for key roles in the organization
  • Guide and manage Research’s publication review, approval, production, and dissemination processes; develop initiatives to further the quality, production and impact of research publications
  • Work collaboratively with ACT senior leadership to prioritize research publications
  • Respond to requests and needs from external and internal stakeholders
  • Demonstrate initiate and creative thinking in support of ACT’s strategic goals and services
  • Represent ACT and Research with key internal and external stakeholders and policy, assessment, and research professionals

Candidate Requirements



Ph.D. in statistics, data science, artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing, or related field required




  • Minimum of ten (10) years of related experience in applied education or workforce development research required
  • Previous experience and demonstrated success leading, managing, and building teams required



Minimum of seven (7) years of related experience in applied education or workforce development research required



  • Experience with successful federal grants
  • Programming experience
  • Experience leading large research projects and research agendas



  • Solid track of publications in top journals and venues in the field
  • Ability to maintain knowledge of developments in multimodal analytics with applications in education and workforce development
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding corporate and client information
  • Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with staff and clients

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