Research Scientist I

Posted on: May 17, 2017


Iowa City, IA

Job Description

Assist in implementing a research agenda which integrates the most recent findings from research in psychometrics, statistics, assessment design, analytics, and measurement, educational data mining and technological innovations.

Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborate in interdisciplinary projects, transferring techniques to a new context or connecting scientific fields that are usually separate
  • Provide scientific and technical skills so as to conceptualize, design, obtain support for, conduct, and manage new research projects, grants, or parts of existing projects
  • Contribute to new or modified theories of psychometrics, statistics, machine learning, educational, psychological, and assessment processes
  • Design and conduct scientific studies, functioning as an expert in the major facets of the projects; respond as a subject matter expert in presenting the results of acquired knowledge and experience
  • Consult and collaborate on problems arising from research and/or testing programs, or corporate management concerns
  • Assist in developing proposals for external and internal research grants and obtain financial support for new or continuing research activities
  • Participate in dissemination activities through the publications of research papers in peer review journals, the issuing of progress and technical reports, the presentation of seminars at major conferences and at ACT, or the use of other appropriate communication vehicles, including books and chapters, that impact practice in the field or at ACT
  • Begin to develop professional relationships as a representative, consultant, or advisor to external advisory and policy boards and councils, research organizations, educational institutions, and educators

Candidate Requirements



  • Doctoral degree or ABD
  • Or equivalent combination of education and experience required in related content area


  • Minimum of three years’ experience in the following areas required:
    • psychometrics
    • statistics
    • computer science
    • or related field
  • Preference for a specialization in one or more of the following areas:
    • Bayesian statistics
    • stochastic processes
    • psychometrics with Bayesian methods
    • cognitive modeling
    • time series analysis
    • longitudinal models
    • affective computing
  • Expertise in Bayesian statistics, machine learning, data mining, deep learning, or multimodal data fusion
  • Solid programming experience in Python, R, or Java, C, C++, Matlab, or similar


  • Self-motivated and self-driven
  • Familiarity with linear algebra and manipulating data using matrix algorithms
  • Ability to build and interpret probabilistic models of complex, high-dimensional systems
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Innovative thinker
  • Exceptional collaborator and team member
  • Knowledge of psychometrics and research design
  • Knowledge of data analytics

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