The $1.5M competition focused on AI/ML/xR solutions for LIMFG students

We’re excited to announce that New York University’s Social Entrepreneurship program recently awarded ACT, Smart Sparrow, and Arizona State University winners of the Commercialization category in Algorithm for Change, a competition focused on helping LIMFG (low-income, minority, first generation) students throughout their college careers by utilizing AI/ML/xR solutions.

“The Algorithm for Change award was an exciting opportunity for us to bring artificial intelligence-based innovation in education technology,” said Dr. Saad Khan, director of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at ACTNext. “It helps more at-risk learners successfully complete their academic journeys.”

On July 12, at NYU’s Grand Hall, the group presented their project pitch, Foundations of Science to a panel of judges. Foundations of Science uses AI and ML approaches in identifying skill gaps, predict achievement, and deliver learner interventions for students.

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