Dr. Bryan Maddox will collaborate with the ACTNext team on projects related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Learning Solutions

In effort to foster collaborations between ACTNext research staff and scholars from academic institutions, ACTNext, alongside Talent Strategy members, established the ACTNext Fellow Program. Distinguished academic researchers across multiple fields of expertise are invited to visit ACT and work with ACTNext researchers on new or existing projects.

Our first ACTNext fellow, Dr. Bryan Maddox, joins us from Assessment MicroAnalytics at the University of East Anglia (UK) and will be collaborating with the ACTNext team on projects related to AI, ML, and Learning Solutions.

“AI is often criticized for its lack of human touch,” said Alina A. von Davier, ACTNext’s Senior Vice President, “It therefore seems appropriate for ACTNext to collaborate with an esteemed anthropologist with experience in the testing process on our projects that include AI and ML. I am excited to welcome Dr. Maddox!”

Von Davier is also optimistic on the way that ACTNext is leading the way in EdTech by opening this new program and collaborating with international academic scientists.

“ACTNext is becoming a thought leader in the testing and EdTech industries. We are changing the educational experience and the world takes notice. Academic scientists want to work with us and want to visit us in our office in Iowa City,” said von Davier, “I am happy to provide a structure for this increased interest and to facilitate collaboration by inaugurating this new program at ACT  for visiting scholars – the ACTNext Fellow. The program and the international and domestic academic interest in our work are validating our young team.”