The ACTNext Fellow program offers individuals from across the country and around the globe the opportunity to come and work with ACTNext scientists in a completely immersive experience.

The ACTNext Fellow program was initiated to foster collaboration between ACTNext and other top tier research institutions by providing a rich environment for visiting scientists and scholars to bring their best ideas to bear on both existing ACTNext work, as well as new, joint endeavors. In short, the program aims to put the best minds available in the same room and move the needle on some of today’s most challenging problems facing learning, assessment, and education and career navigation.

Program Fellows across diverse fields, from anthropology to data visualization will learn how their own work can benefit from ACTNext’s unique, data-driven approach –  computational psychometrics. This new discipline blends components from artificial intelligence and machine learning alongside elements from the learning sciences and cutting edge theoretical work in psychometric research.

Participation in the ACTNext Fellow program is by admission only and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Program funding is provided by either the individual participant, or by their affiliated institution. Our doors are open to those willing to challenge the status quo and ready to embark on a one of a kind, collaborative journey. If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you at See you soon!

For information on program alumni, please see below:

Dr. Bryan Maddox

Dr. Mariana Cúri