Join ACTNext April 4-8 2019 in Toronto, ON for the 2019 NCME Annual Meeting.

The 2019 NCME Annual Meeting’s theme for the event is “Communicating with the Public on Education Measurement,” with the public meaning to include a range of audiences: voters, parents, educators, policymakers, journalists, and students of all ages.

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The theme of the conference is “Communicating with the Public about Educational Measurement.” We invite you to join our researchers & innovators for their sessions:

Pravin Chopade | View all of Pravin’s sessions

Alina von Davier | View all of Alina’s sessions

Ada Woo | View all of Ada’s sessions

Kristin Stoeffler | View all of Kristin’s sessions

Steve Polyak | View all of Steve’s sessions

Benjamin Deonovic | View all of Benjamin’s sessions

Maria Bolsinova | View all of Maria’s sessions