Sight and Vision are not the Same Thing.

There is no shortage of industry leaders who will tell you testing and assessment are undergoing rapid change: ACTNext invites you to look beyond the description of the moment. Don’t miss our three compelling sessions where ACTNext experts will move the discussion forward, challenge your assumptions, and offer true insight into what comes next. Your time at ASU+GSV is short, make sure it’s well spent.

The ASU + GSV Summit is an annual conference for everyone who matters in the learning and talent innovation community. It’s a chance to be seen and heard by people who want to change the world, whether you want to raise funds for your startup, meet potential employees or connect with others to share ideas.Please refer to the schedule below for panels and keynotes where ACT and ACTNext members will be available. You can also follow our Twitter feed for updates during the conference. We look forward to seeing you there!



ACT and ACTNext panels and Keynotes at ASU+GSV 2018

ASU GSV Summit: Main Stage Panel: From Hype to Insight: Measurement is Woke

Published on Apr 28, 2018

ASU GSV Summit: FoT@W Panel: All That Glitters is Not Gold: Assessing Talent for the Future of Work

Moderator: John Sumser, Founder, HRExaminer Panelists: Alina von Davier, Vice President, ACTNext; Jim Holm, President, Talent Measurement & Education, PSI; Josh Jarrett, Co-Founder, Koru
Published on Apr 26, 2018