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    Bridging Models for Learning with Models for Assessment

    Jul 13, 2018

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    2018 Education Technology & Computational Psychometrics…

    Iowa City

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      ACT Partnered Finalist in NYU’s $1.5M Algorithm for Change…

      Jul 10, 2018

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        How ACTNext is Helping ACT (Re)Take the Lead in EdTech

        Jul 10, 2018

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          Fine Grain Data: Interview With Alina von Davier

          Jun 26, 2018

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            Fine Grain Data: Interview With Steve Polyak

            Jun 26, 2018

              What’s APPining with the Educational Companion Pilot Study?

              Jun 20, 2018

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                Gunter Maris Reflects on his First Year With ACTNext

                Jun 11, 2018

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