ASU GSV X Summit 2019

April 8-10 2019

San Diego, California


2019 IACAT Conference

June 10-13 2019

Minneapolis, MN

    “The Robots Are Coming To School: Now What?”

    Nov 28, 2018


    LAK 2019 – 9th International Learning Analytics &…

    March 4-8 2019

    Tempe, AZ

      LAK19 – Workshop on Learning Analytic Services to Support…

      Nov 12, 2018

        RAD Engine – RADically Changing The Future of Personalized…

        Nov 12, 2018

        Peer Reviewed Papers and Book Chapters

        The Virtual World and Reality of Testing: Building Virtual Assessments



        Don’t Miss Out On The 19th Annual AEA-Europe Conference…

        Arnhem-Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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