Benjamin Deonovic is a research scientist at ACTNext. He earned his PhD and MS in Biostatistics from the University of Iowa and his BS in bioinformatics, computational biology, and mathematics from Iowa State University.

His thesis research at the University of Iowa focused on exploring the use of binary variables as parameters in statistical models in the Bayesian framework. In his thesis, he profiled MCMC samplers for binary variables, contributed to the general-purpose Bayesian analysis package Mamba, and constructed a novel convergence diagnostic for categorical variables. During his graduate career, Benjamin applied his research in Kin Fai Au’s statistical bioinformatics lab to phase haplotypes and quantify allele specific expression using RNA-sequencing data from individuals, rather than family data.

Benjamin was drawn to ACT by its mission to help people achieve education and workplace success. Toward achieving that goal, he seeks to apply his expertise in machine learning, Bayesian statistics, and computation to problems in psychometrics, educational measurement, and diagnostic measurement.


Contact: Benjamin.Deonovic (at)