Evgeniy Petrov works remotely from Russia, St-Petersburg.  A graduate from electrical university in 2001, he specializes in automation and control systems. He’s worked at several software companies.  Evgeniy has had some interesting projects:

He worked as a Ruby developer from 2011-2014 https://www.e-legion.com/.  He developed the healthcare portal and API for different mobile apps with https://www.partners.org/ through e-legion.

As an RoR API developer, Evgeniy also worked for https://app.claned.com.  He developed live chat, search engine (using https://www.elastic.co/), caching the system for the project.

Evgeniy has been with OpenEd as an RoR API developer since 2017. He migrated from Rails4 to Rails5, made some performance tweaks and worked on https://databricks.com/ to fetch YouTube captions from OpenEd resources and integrated https://www.taotesting.com/ as an assessment engine.

Evgeniy’s responsibilities at ACTNext includes new technologies, i.e., machine learning, neural networks and db full text search.  Evegeniy is providing assistance on the API side and front-end as well.  Evgeniy’s strength is his work on: Ruby/C#, Postgresql/MongoDb.