Ian MacMillan is a Content Specialist III in the Automated Content Generation team at ACTNext. He earned a PhD in philosophy from the University of Iowa and a BA in philosophy from Loyola University Chicago. His academic research focused on logic, epistemology, and philosophy of science. While also working at ACT, for several years Ian was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iowa, conducting research on circular reasoning and teaching a logic course.

Before joining ACTNext, Ian worked at ACT as an assessment designer, co-creating the critical thinking portion of ACT’s Holistic Framework. He also has experience as a content developer for WorkKeys Graphic Literacy, an assessment based around finding, comparing, or drawing inferences from information found in data visualizations

At ACTNext, Ian’s work has focused on developing software solutions that directly meet the needs of internal content developers and indirectly serve external customers. His research interests include natural language processing, data visualization, automated item generation, and automated reasoning.

Contact: Ian.MacMillan (at) act.org