Kristin Stoeffler, ACTNext’s Senior Learning Solutions Designer, joined ACTNext in October. Prior to joining the team, she was the architect of the Cross Cutting Capabilities components of the ACT Holistic Framework where her work focused on the design and development of the 21st century skill constructs (Collaborative Problem Solving, Technology Skills, Information & Communication Technology, Learning Skills, Creativity, etc.) within the ecosystem of ACT constructs, products, and learning tools.

Her work also includes collaborating on the development and prototyping of an online collaborative problem solving game “Circuit Runner,” as well as a prototype leveraging an authoring chatbot platform to provide students with an assessment that targets both collaboration and scientific inquiry skills. Kristin is also contributing to the assessment design and validation efforts for the PISA 2021 Innovative Domain – Creative Thinking.

Contact: Kristin.Stoeffler (at)