Maria Bolsinova is a research scientist at ACTNext. Prior to joining the team she was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam for 2 years. She received her PhD in Psychometrics cum laude at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Her doctoral dissertation, Balancing Simple Models and Complex Reality: Contributions to Item Response Theory in Educational Measurement was awarded the Psychometric Society’s prestigious Dissertation Prize in 2017. Maria received her MSc and BSc degree in Psychology at Moscow University and her MSc in Methodology and Statistics at Leiden University.

 Her postdoctoral and doctoral research was devoted to developing advanced psychometric models for the analysis of product and process data (primarily response times) from educational and psychological tests. With ACTNext’s focus on doing groundbreaking research in the field of modeling process data and developing statistical models for innovative dynamic assessment, the move to ACTNext was a natural one for Maria. At ACTNext, she contributes her expertise in psychometrics, educational measurement and Bayesian statistics towards achieving these research goals. With her research, she aims to develop statistical tools that will improve the quality of assessment in practice and help deliver innovative learning and assessment systems.