Megan Ciszek is an undergraduate honors student at the University of Iowa. She is majoring in English and creative writing and progressing toward a double minor in philosophy and cinema. Megan previously interned at the Irish Film Classification Office in Dublin while studying abroad. There, she worked alongside the Director of Film Classification to view and classify forthcoming cinema releases, while also maintaining an archive of those certifications.  Megan also volunteers with the Iowa Youth Writing Project, where she spends most of her time with the poetry club at Tate High School, crafting poems and encouraging creativity within the classroom.

Megan works alongside Andrew Cantine, ACTNext’s technical editor, to assist with the team’s wide array of communication and editorial needs. Her internship requires a diverse skill set and the ability to efficiently and effectively switch gears in a dynamic environment, prioritize competing deadlines, and manage emerging project details on the fly. Her work covers areas ranging from condensed media content like ACTNext’s social media outreach, to longer form journalistic coverage of the group’s events, and interviews with ACTNext scientists.