Dr. Meirav Arieli-Attali joined ACTNext as an exclusive consultant to spearhead an initiative to develop an adaptive Learning & Assessment System (LAS) for science. Meirav strongly believes in making a meaningful connection between assessment and learning while exploiting advances in technology. Dr. Arieli-Attali brings her experience in psychometrics and test development as well as her research on learning progressions and formative assessment systems. Meirav also teaches various statistical courses at Fordham University in the psychology department for undergraduate and graduate students. 

 Prior to her work at Fordham and ACTNext, Meirav worked at ETS as a research associate within the CBAL initiative, at the Center for Educational Technology in Tel-Aviv as a psychometrician heading research and development projects, and at the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE) in Israel as a research scientist. She also held academic positions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Teachers’ College David Yaleen in Jerusalem and at Haifa University, teaching courses in statistics, test theory, test design and the psychology of learning. 

 Dr. Arieli-Attali holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Psychology and an M.A. in Cognitive Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a PhD in Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology from Fordham University in New York. Her PhD thesis focuses on student engagement and the application of a reward system within a self adaptive testing platform to increase engagement, performance and learning. Meirav’s dissertation was recognized with an awarded from the International Association of Computer Adaptive Testing (IA-CAT).