At the Concord Consortium, we’re dedicated to bringing out the inner scientist in everyone. In fact, it’s been our work for close to two decades. We focus on discovering, developing and disseminating innovative technology for a new generation of STEM-literate learners, workers and citizens. We create powerful educational tools that make the invisible visible and explorable, including interactive simulations, cutting-edge sensors, innovative assessments and technology-based curricula.

Our legacy and background are strong. We developed the nation’s first online high school and birthed a $100M industry in educational probes and sensors. We continue to research innovative approaches across STEM learning, bringing molecular interactions to life, enabling new insight into the process of engineering design, forging new tools for data science education and much much more. And we build on over $70M of past and current National Science Foundation funding, $2.5M in charitable giving from Google, and partnerships with institutions such as Harvard, Berkeley, MIT’s edX, National Geographic, the New York Hall of Science and many more.