Timo Bechger collaborates with ACTNext as a lead research scientist in Advanced Psychometrics. Prior to collaborating with the ACTNext team, Timo was a senior research scientist with CITO for 17 years. Although immersed in practice and active as an international consultant, he kept a continuing interest in research which led to a quirky oeuvre of over 40 publications. He co-founded the dexter project (https://dexterities.netlify.com/) which aims to develop and disseminate open-source software for professional educational measurement and share what’s behind it.

Tried and tested in the traditional testing industry, Timo decided that the current practice is not very helpful to education, which attracted his interest in ACT’s unique innovation unit. He collaborates with ACTNext to help the team to pursue its research at the leading edge of advanced psychometrics and to improve education.

Timo earned his MSc and PhD in psychology from the University of Amsterdam. He lives near Arnhem (the Netherlands) with his girlfriend. He has two (almost) grown-up children.


Selected Publications and Presentations

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