Our first podcast: CASE study

In this inaugural ACTNext podcast, we discuss the Competency and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) with ACT Lead Assessment Specialist Brandon Dorman.

Brandon hosts his own podcast on EdTech Interoperability. He’s also the Product Manager of OpenSALT, a tool for creating, managing, and associating competencies using CASE, the IMS Global standard. Brandon was a content curator at OpenEd.com before joining ACT.

Follow Brandon on Twitter and check out his YouTube channel.


Why is interoperability with CASE Network important?

“For ACT, CASE Network will support us in our mission to help people achieve education and workforce success. In particular, the ACT Holistic Framework™—now represented in CASE—is more accessible to serve as a guidepost for defining an individual’s preparation and success beyond academics to include factors that encompass college and career readiness and easier to cross reference against other frameworks.” —Marten Roorda, CEO, ACT


In this video, Brandon describes a use case for CASE using ACT’s Holistic Framework.