Navigator Podcast Ep. 3: CPSx Game Study

Navigator Episode 3: CPSx Game Study For Ep. 3 of the ACTNext Navigator podcast, we go in-depth on the CPSx game study that measures collaborative problem-solving. In this episode, Saad Kahn and Dave Edwards discuss the game, “Crisis in Space,” they use to gather data from players. The data comes from natural language processing, eye-tracking, […]

Navigator Podcast Ep. 2: Collaboration for ‘Crisis in Space’

Navigator Episode 2: Collaboration with CEL for CPSx Research Study In this episode of ACTNext Navigator, we discuss intra-ACT collaboration between ACTNext and the ACT Center for Equity in Learning (CEL) to produce a field study about measuring collaborative problem-solving. Lew Montgomery is the CEL Director of Strategic Partnerships and Strategy. He arranged for 100 students […]

Fostering Collaborative STEM Learning: ACTNext and Citizen Schools Project

A major challenge in the rise of interest in cultivating higher-order skills in the classroom is the ability to determine whether the programs and projects that are being implemented to engage and improve these skills are, in fact, achieving their intended effects. Are these programs really engaging and improving students’ skills in critical college and […]

Podcast #1: A CASE study with Brandon Dorman

Our first podcast: CASE study In this inaugural ACTNext podcast, we discuss the Competency and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) with ACT Lead Assessment Specialist Brandon Dorman. Brandon hosts his own podcast on EdTech Interoperability. He’s also the Product Manager of OpenSALT, a tool for creating, managing, and associating competencies using CASE, the IMS Global standard. Brandon was a […]

CPS X ‘Crisis in Space’

CPS X or “Crisis in Space” is a two-player game that focuses on collaborative problem solving (CPS), one of the cross-cutting capabilities that are part of ACT’s Holistic Framework. Players work together to achieve group goals that require high levels of leadership, coordination, information sharing, and rapid responses to novel situations.  The digital collaborative assessment measures behaviors indicative […]

2018 Education Technology & Computational Psychometrics Symposium Program

From the Introduction – For a full overview of the conference, please visit the ETCPS ’18 microsite.   Welcome to the 2018 ACTNext Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium! It is a true pleasure to once again convene this gathering of so many influential thinkers and leaders from the psychometric and edtech communities here, in […]

WorldCanvass Podcast Featuring ACTNext Sr. Research Scientist Yuchi Huang

“It’s news to very few of us that artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer only in the realm of science fiction—it’s all around us. But what is it? From disembodied communication partners like Siri and Alexa to targeted marketing, intelligent vehicles, advanced medical diagnostics, and deepening layers of social media analytics, AI is changing the […]

Making “It’s All About the Data” a Reality in Education

In today’s schools, hardly a day passes when educators from the classroom to the superintendent’s office don’t hear the phrase, “It’s all about the data.” But what does that truly mean for learning and teaching and what impact can access to the vast amount of data available to educators have on linking student assessment to […]

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