From the Introduction – For a full overview of the conference, please visit the ETCPS ’18 microsite.


Welcome to the 2018 ACTNext Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium!

It is a true pleasure to once again convene this gathering of so many influential thinkers and leaders from the psychometric and edtech communities here, in Iowa City.

Over the course of the next two days you’ll have the opportunity to hear from experts blazing new trails and challenging traditional assumptions. Their work covers a broad range of unique topics, yet each converges on a shared vision of the future. Our tech-demo and poster reception will present cutting edge research, offer a chance to meet colleagues and potential collaborators, and feature engaging content from the researchers and technologists forging the future of assessment and learning.

It is also a particular honor to recognize and thank our sponsors for their generous contributions to this important event. This is the first year we’ve offered sponsorship opportunities and we’ve been overwhelmed and flattered by the response. Please make it a point to engage with their representatives in attendance and learn about the reasons they were eager to contribute to the success of our annual conference.

Lastly, I wish to thank you, the participants of ETCPS 2018, for devoting your time and attention to the important topics addressed in the coming days. Despite our widely varying interests and areas of expertise, those of us gathered here share a common trait; the inability to watch from the sidelines as the future takes shape. We are the dreamers, the innovators and the groundbreakers. We are the ones, when we have the chance to come together at an event like this, who are able to magnify our collective vision and not only see the future but begin to touch it. That is the spirit and purpose of this event, and why I am so pleased to welcome each of you to ETCPS 2018!


Alina A. von Davier, PhD

Senior Vice President, ACTNext