The measurement field now has many decades of experience and expansion, both in terms of methods and theory.The result is a relatively entrenched and stable framework of operational test development, scoring, and scaling.Measurement, whether cognitive or non-cognitive, generally relies on either Classical Test Theory (CTT) and/or Item Response Theory. Outside of the measurement community, there are emerging fields that have impacted various research professions. Data science is a broad term for these fields. The measurement field has already seen some impact by way of automated essay scoring, for example. However, as data sciences continue to have impacts in unseen ways, the measurement community should initiate a dialog regarding how, and where, data sciences might contribute to the field, and start to develop best practices and guidelines. The purpose of this session is to discuss the potential merging of data science and measurement communities. The panel of experts will address specific questions related to the measurement community’s willingness and readiness for any impacts, where these changes will be embraced, and what the measurement community can do to prepare.


measurement | Item Response Theory | Classical Test Theory