Learning and Performance Assessments in Computerized Environments

Featured Speakers: Alina Von Davier, ACT, Inc.; Kristen DiCerbo, Pearson; and Greg Chung, CRESST

Nowadays society is interested in developing Learning and Assessment Systems (LAS) and not merely improving the systems we have. Educators request assessments that reflect the way people actually teach, learn and work authentically, and that are merged with the learning experience. There is a renewed interest in performance assessments that are individualized and adaptive and efforts are being made to develop these complex assessments in virtual settings. The desire to create better LAS, which can provide actionable evidence based on “big data” to improve students’ and adults’ skills and shape educational policies and methodologies, combined with recent advances in technology, have led to the proliferation of virtual systems. First, the fishbowl panelists will briefly discuss the use of games, simulations, and intelligent tutoring systems as LASs and use actual case studies to discuss best practices and innovative approaches to developing and evaluating new LASs for facilitating learning. Then the participants will contribute to the discussion.

Keywords: assessment, big data, games, individualization, LAS, Learning and Assessment Systems