Constructed-Response Automated Scoring Engine

CRASE+® is ACT’s technology-based, scientifically engineered solution that immediately scores students’ submissions to constructed response test items. For short-answers and longer essays to technology-enhanced items, CRASE+ is proven to deliver accurate, reliable scores and achieve critical cost and time savings when compared with hand scoring.

How does CRASE+ work?

The CRASE+ engine analyzes a sample of human-scored student responses to produce a model that emulates human scoring behavior. Responses scored by CRASE+ flow through three stages:
1. Preprocessing: standardizes responses to prepare them for the later scoring stages
2. Feature extraction: analyzes the response using Natural Language Processing tools to produce a set of numeric features that represent key elements of the rubric
3. Score prediction: applies a statistical or machine learning model to feature values to produce a rubric-based score

Scoring Writing Prompts

In analyzing student essays, CRASE+ looks for information based on the six traits aligned to Education Northwest’s 6+1 Trait® Writing framework. These traits can be configured in different ways to reflect local standards. CRASE+ is able to score these traits based on your specifications:
• Ideas
• Organization
• Voice
• Word choice
• Sentence fluency
• Conventions

Consulting Services

CRASE+, an ACT Consulting Service, is an automated essay and constructed-response scoring solution that provides rapid and high-quality scores for millions of student essays and constructed responses every year. Contact for information.