Abstract: Higher-order skills such as, creativity, critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and computational thinking transform lives and drive economies. However, measuring these skills by using traditional assessment methods is a challenging task. Recent advancements in technology, learning science, cognitive psychology, and educational assessment enable the development of innovative measurement methods for higher-order skills. This seminar offers hands-on learning experiences on concepts and techniques essential for the design and development of technology-enhanced assessments for higher-order skills at scale. We will explore most recent conceptual frameworks and assessment design in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and other leading innovative assessment programs. The workshop will be structured in three phases. First, the seminar will emphasize critical review of research in higher-order skills and technology-enhanced assessments. Second, we will review assessment theories and techniques will be applied to design prototype assessments tasks. Last, challenges and opportunities in applying innovative assessment design principles to the context of seminar attendees work will be discussed.