HERA Science is an adaptive learning system for middle school students aimed to develop scientific reasoning and foster confidence in STEM. Learners develop critical thinking skills through gamified, engaging digital activities (aligned to NGSS and ACT Holistic Framework), scientific phenomena, interactive simulations, real-time feedback and scaffolding tools to support effective and meaningful learning.

HERA Science is a supplemental learning system that offers teachers flexibility in the assignment of activities to students (as a sequence or stand-alone targeted activities) and can be implemented as student-directed independent study, 1:1 instruction, or a whole-class teacher-led setting. Teachers are engaged in professional training and provided with actionable analytic tools and ongoing support by the ACT team.

Download the HERA “at-a-glance” fact sheet (.pdf)

Our mission is to empower students and teachers with research-based gamified STEM learning experiences in support of ACT’s goal to close the gaps in equity, opportunity, and achievement.

Develop scientific reasoning and build confidence in STEM with your students. Join our HERA Science early-adoption pilot in Spring 2020! Please contact Dr. Yigal Rosen or actnext@ act.org for details.

H E R A : Holistic Educational Resources and Assessment System


Research (in press)
Rosen, Y., Arieli-Attali, M., Ward, S., Seery, J., Simmering, V., & Ozersky, L. (in press). HERA: Exploring the Power of Adaptive Scaffolding on Scientific Argumentation and Modelling Competencies in Online Learning Systems. Paper presented at The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), Nashville, TN.