In this demonstration project, ACT provided consulting services to the International Baccalaureate (IB) to align the IB Mathematics Curriculum (one selected DP Maths course) and provide insights into the relationship between the IB Learner Profile and the ACT Holistic Framework.

Through this consulting, ACT staff worked with appropriate IB staff to generate an alignment document describing the alignment (including the methodology used) of the most granular constructs of the ACT Holistic Framework and the IB Mathematics Curriculum and the IB Learner Profile, as applicable.

ACT also provided advice on methodology and technology and provided opportunities for virtual shadowing to allow the IB to understand the skills and processes required to maintain mapped standards.

The shared hypothesis between ACT and the IB is that, in addition to the translation of the frameworks into the IMS Global Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) specifications ingested by ACT’s alignment tool, OpenSALT, the team would define a target level of granularity that will require some amount of decomposition.

Given that ACT’s math framework has a level of detail and specificity greater than that expressed in the IB DP maths scope and sequence documents, the operating assumption was that the greatest level of detail in the IB document will be the floor for creating associations for this project. Put another way, the project team would look for, find, and agree upon the most specific level of meaning available, and use that to create initial alignments and subsequent crosswalks.