On October 3-4, ACTNext hosted the 2018 Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium (ETCPS) in Iowa City. The theme, Innovative Solutions in Theory and Practice, focused on education research and technological innovation.  

Attendees had the opportunity to hear twelve visionary speakers present their work, followed by a demo/poster session and reception at the MERGE innovation hub & co-working space.  

“This event was a great way to meet leaders in the field and to productively share new research and its applications. The poster session in particular was well done – I learned about many interesting things that ACT are doing,” said Dror Ben-Naim, Founder & CEO of Smart Sparrow, “One stand-out presentation, in my mind, was led by Berkeley professor Dor Abrahamson and illuminated very interesting data on the way the mind works.”

 Our speakers came from diverse backgrounds and fields, but their sessions addressed the challenges spanning education and assessment research. Some of these presentations included: The Past, Present, and Future of Science and Technology-Focused Higher Education: Promise and Peril – Christine Ortiz, Fostering Learning Solutions through Evidence Centered Design and Scalable Technologies – Yigal Rosen, and Envisioning Formative Assessment: Eye-Tracking the Emergence of Mathematics –Dor Abrahamson. (To see the full list of presentations, please visit the ETCPS website).

At the conclusion of the opening day, the presentations were followed by demo/poster session and reception at MERGE. Our sponsors, invited researchers and several local edtech start-ups shared their demonstrations and latest work. Exhibitions ranged from educational VR software – Shaking Earth Digital, to video assessment platforms – Bongo by YouSeeU, and poster sessions that included “Comparing ACT Mode Study Results Across Testing Platforms” from researchers at ACT. (To see the full list, please download the full ETCPS ‘18 program).

“It was exciting to see cutting edge ideas turning into action at the intersection of learning, technology and assessment,” said Stephen Dunbar,  Co-Director, Iowa Testing Programs (University of Iowa)  

Anne Estapa, Ph.D., University of Iowa College of Education Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education agreed, adding that “[ETCPS] was a remarkable learning experience. As a mathematics teacher educator, I research teacher learning across the university and classroom contexts. The symposium provided an opportunity to hear from researchers, developers and many others to gain insight for ways to further expand my work. As a result, my ideas for future research have less boundaries as I consider the innovative methods occurring and being developed!” 

We want to thank all of our speakers and attendees for participating in our event! If you have any photos or videos that you want to share, we’d love to see it! Include the hashtag #ETCPS18 and tag us at @ACTNext on Twitter. Or, follow us on LinkedIn for more updates! You can also check out a slideshow of photos on the official ETCPS 2018 website or check out a quick recap video below: 

We can’t wait to see you next year at ETCPS 2019!