Connect with ACTNext at these 2019 conferences!

ACTNext team members will be crisscrossing the Americas in May, June, and July to participate and present research at these conferences.


LILI (Learning Impact Leadership Institute)  | May 20-23  | San Diego

The theme of LILI is: The Future of EdTech Starts Here”

Thursday, May 23 | 8:30 – 9am
Real-Time Learning: A Reference Architecture Enabled Through Standards” | Kurt Peterschmidt

Thursday, May 23 | 9:15 – 10am
Technology Enabled Authentic Assessment” | Kurt Peterschmidt

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IACAT (International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing)  | June 10-13  | Minneapolis

Monday, June 10 | 12:50 – 1:50pm
Incoming IACAT Presidential Keynote:
“The Road Ahead: From Computer Adaptive Testing to Artificially Intelligent Measurement” | Alina von Davier

Monday, June 10 | 4 – 5pm
Symposium: Learning meets Assessment: Adaptation and Personalization at Scale for Practitioners
“Integrating Learning, Measurement, and Navigation: Introduction of a Recommendation and Diagnostic (RAD) API” | Ada Woo, Steve Polyak, Lu Ou
“The Effects of Adaptive Learning in a Massive Open Online Course on Learners’ Skill Development” | Yigal Rosen
“Building and Picking the Right Model for Learning and Assessment: Notes for Model Developers” | Michael Yudelson

Tuesday, June 11 | 12:50 – 2:30pm
Symposium: Adaptive Learning and Adaptive Assessment: Intersections and Synergy
“Theoretical connections: Statistical models for adaptive learning and adaptive assessment” | Benjamin Deonovic

Tuesday, June 11 | 4 – 5pm
“The MST Role to Reduce Public Cost in Testing” | Alina von Davier

Wednesday, June 12 | 12:50 – 2:30pm
Symposium: Digital Adaptive Learning and Assessment Systems: An Exploration of Process Data in Computer-based Assessment | Alina von Davier, Benjamin Deonovic, and Meirav Arieli-Attali

Thursday, June 13 | 12:30 – 12:45pm
Closing Remarks | Alina von Davier

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ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) | June 23-26  | Philadelphia

The theme of ISTE is: Bold Educators Activate Change”

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IMPS (International Meeting of the Psychometric Society) | July 15-19 | Santiago, Chile

“Machine learning for estimation in IRT models” | Mariana Curi, Benjamin Deonovic, Pravin Chopade, Gunter Maris
Presenting Author: Mariana Curi, ACTNext Research Fellow

Symposium: Advances in Process Data Analysis
“Learning and Measurement of Teamwork” | Alina von Davier, Benjamin Deonovic, Pravin Chopade, Michael Yudelson
Presenting Author: Alina von Davier

Symposium: Modeling Heterogeneity with Time Series Data
“A Methodological Review on Qualitative Heterogeneity in Quantitative Changes”
Presenting Author: Lu Ou

Symposium: Model what you can see, not what you imagine | Organizer and chair: Gunter Maris
Talk 1: “Towards a neo-classical test theory” | Gunter Maris, Benjamin Deonovic, Maria Bolsinova, Lu Ou, Timo Bechger
Presenting Author: Timo Bechger

Talk 2: “Modeling marginal networks” | Gunter Maris, Benjamin Deonovic, Maria Bolsinova, Lu Ou, Timo Bechger
Presenting Author: Benjamin Deonovic

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